Body Treatments

We offer a full variety of luxury body treatments.

Whether it’s to calm & soothe your sunkissed skin or revitalise the mind, our selection of scrubs and wraps means you can personalise your own treatment!

Body Treatments

*Each individual treatment lasts 30 minutes, so why not pair 2 body treatments together to maximise results or finish off with our custom massage!*

Soothing Wrap; This blissful wrap of yogurt & honey helps to calm, soothe & rehydrate a stressed, aggitated & even sunburnt skin.

Detox Wrap; This deep sea mud wrap helps eliminate toxins & detox the body, leaving skin revitalised & bright.

Salt Scrub; A refreshing pepermint & Ibizan salt scrub to buff away dead cells, leaving skin silky smooth.

Coffee Scrub; This revitalising scrub not only polishes the skin but invigorates the senses. Great for combating cellulite!


Would recommend Ibiza Beauty & Massage to anyone visiting Ibiza! A holiday must!

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