Mobile massage services in Ibiza.

Whether it’s for relaxation or pain relief we cover it all.


Relax; A unique massage sequence created through years of experience and love for massage. A medium pressure massage for soothing the mind, body and soul.

Deep; Deep tissue massage focusing on the deeper muscle and tissue layers to release tension, knots and strain from the body.

Aroma; This treatment begins with a consultation to blend your personalised aromatherapy oils. Followed by 60 minutes of massage. This soothing, light-medium pressure massage combined with a customised blend of essential oils ensure you are taken to a whole new level of relaxation.

Reflex; This ancient massage practice, works the pressure points on the feet, each point corresponding to different areas and organs of the body. (only available in 60 minute treatments)

Indian head; An upper body treatment using warming oils to relieve stress and tension from the head, neck and shoulders.

Ayurvedic Yoga;Energizing full body treatment combining deep tissue massage with oil and assisted yoga based stretches. This treatment helps to increase the blood circulation, improve flexibility and range of motion and can help to alleviate joint and muscle pain. Both hands and feet are used during this treatment which is performed on a floor mattress.

Group Treatments; Each person can choose their own style of massage treatment. This booking will be completed by 1 therapist, one client after another. For groups of 4 people or more, please contact us by email to arrange for multiple therapists. 


Already feeling great results after my massage. Thank you for a professional & excellent service.
Julia K *****